Distillers Republic is your local cozy underground craft beer and cocktail bar. Everyone is welcome to come enjoy a glass (2 or 10) of their favorite drink. We have a variety of sweet, dry, strong, less strong drinks available. We offer drinks for every taste and desire!
We are friendly and will tell you more about our products, feel free to come and ask.

Everything in this place has been made of oak, copper  and epoxy. All wood work done by ourselves: chairs, bar stools, tables, walls.  No IKEA. 

Distillers Republic arose from experiments in a country garage, it seemed interesting how different drinks can be prepared by processing them a bit. Going from one idea to another, we realized that we wanted to build more and that's how the idea of Distillers Republic was born.

Distillers Republic bar has been open since April 5, 2019. Distillery started to work few months later, the begining of 2020.