Distillers Republic is the first craft distillery in Latvia that is joined with a bar. For now, we are producing gin and rum, but we are continuing to build our knowledge to expand our horizons.

People tend to mix up the term distillery with beer brewery. However, we prefer to drink the beer, not brew it.

Distilleries produce liquors or spirit (also distilled alcohol), whiskey, gin, vodka, rum etc. Both processes, distilling and beer brewing start similarly. First you combine the base ingredients – grains or molasses, yeast and water. Of course, every product has its own nuances. And this is where the similarity ends.

In distilling process, when the yeast has done its job, we take over and empty out the fermentation buckets. The collected liquid then is poured in the distillation pot (commonly called a still). Since spirit has lower boiling point than water, at first it evaporates, then it condensates while the steam is cooling down. During this process you acquire the distilled alcohol. Depending on the recipe the acquired spirit is then stored or diluted to the appropriate strength.